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Important Mail Alert for Outlook

This free plugin will notify you every time an important email comes
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8 October 2013

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You get alerts of mail messages received based on content or subject you specify.

When you operate through the mail client Outlook, this tool can help notify you when an important message is received. Even when you deal with more than one inbox, this alert system will catch these awaited messages and display an alert for you to take action immediately. Outlook has some native features of recognizing incoming mail. You can define how to dispose of the incoming mails; which folder to file them in, etc. The rules you create for your notification will not affect those rules anyway. You will get your alerts none the less. This free plug-in works with Microsoft Outlook 2003-2010, for both 32 bit and 64 bit versions. You need to specify the key text for identifying the messages. An alert box pops up to let you know that the awaited message has arrived. This identifying text could be located in the subject, body or from elements of a message.

Creating these rules is simple and most users would be able to get going quite easily. Once you get the alert, you will be able to open the message from the add-in pane. The alert pop-up will be visible even if you have many windows open. The add-in pane shows the target messages in a bright color. This plug-in will work with MS Exchange Server product also. The tool also offers template phrases to create the search texts to make things easy for you. This could be a very handy tool when you have large communication loads.

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A well-designed add-in for Microsoft Outlook 2003-2010 that will notify you immediately when a long-awaited email arrives.The message you wait for can be from a certain person, it may contain definite text or numbers. To be notified when it arrives, you need to enter this information in the Rules section and the add-in will scan all incoming messages for this key word or address and alert you when the important email arrives.
This add-in will be your trusted assistant in monitoring Outlook for important messages. If you receive dozens of e-mails every day and it is critical to instantly reply to some of them, there is no need to stare at the reading pane for the long-awaited letter because:
1. Important Mail Alert is independent of your standard Outlook rules. Whatever your standard Outlook rules do to the message, wherever they move it, Important Mail Alert will fish it out.
2. It works in Outlook with Exchange Server.
3. Though it won't find your alarm text in RSS feeds, tasks or meeting invitations and the like, it looks for the exact match of the alarm text in the message body, Subject and To fields of your incoming email.
4. Got more than one Inbox? It lets you select the accounts you want to scan.
5. You can open the message straight from the add-in pane.
This smart plug-in informs will keep your messaging timely and effective.
The add-in works with Microsoft Outlook 2013 32-bit and 64-bit, 2010, 2007, 2003.
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Important Mail Alert for Outlook
Important Mail Alert for Outlook
Version 2.0
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